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3D Me, please!

This site is not just about cool comic books and soft action figures, there’s some really cool things and among them, is the 3D Me. What’s that, you might ask? Well, here’s a simple explanation:

Why should you care?

Here’s a good reason: see those first two photos? Send me two just like them of you to complete the formula for your character.

How’s the whole thing work?

Let me take it down to bare-bones basics. I want everyone to understand this.

You just sent me two photos just like the first two in the formula, great!

I use a program called Poser for this part of things. (Yes, I’m telling my secrets so you fully understand what’s involved!) An area of Poser is called the Face Room. Appropriately named, to be sure.

Here’s the room before I add real photos to the model’s face.



Picking on this friend a little bit (He was the first, so it was a learning experience for both of us!) Those harsh shines on the side of the face in the front shot cause some trouble. Take a look at the face map under the model’s head and then check out the model’s head. Doesn’t look natural, does it? Yes, Poser’s picky, but with good reason. Also check out the two photos – they’re not the same size and that also causes some trouble. While these photos are a good example of what not to do, I did manage to fix them so they’d work and his model looks good anyway. In spite of this, it’s better to have the pictures that work right the first time and need as little fixing as possible.

So, what are the rules for the two needed photos to work properly the first time?

  1. Avoid harsh lighting – you’ve seen what that does
  2. Make sure the pictures are straight on – pictures up your nostrils give the model a piggy-nose.
  3. Make sure all hair is out of the way
  4. Take off the glasses if you’ve got them – they can be added to the model as a prop later, but don’t work so good as part of the face texture!
  5. Have a simple background.
  6. Have a neutral expression. Smiles are wonderful, but not for this! They confuse the program so it can’t find your mouth!! You wouldn’t want your teeth on your lips, would you?

If you want to send other pictures of yourself beyond the two it takes to make the model to offer an idea for dressing, props and things like that, go ahead! If you have a logo you want on the character’s shirt, make sure you have permission to use it! I really don’t want any copyright problems!!

Do bear in mind that these models can be “morphed” to just about any shape. If you want yours to be obese, that’s possible, for example.

Okay, you’ve sent the pictures, I’ve made the model, now what?

Well, now the fun begins. See, these models are 100% fully functional. You know movies such as Toy StoryThe Incredibles, and even the Dark Knight and Spiderman trilogies? They all had 3D characters, right? I know what you’re thinking, “Dark Knight and Spiderman didn’t have any!” Yes, they did. In live action movies, they’re “Digital Doubles” that step in when a stunt is too dangerous for a real person. Well, now that your model is made, you have a “digital double,” just like the movies. Okay, it’s not a fancy full-body scan of you, but with those photos, it looks just like you.

Guess what it can do… Anything. It can be animated, talk (with help from a recorded audio file from you), sneak into my comic books Alfred Hitchcock style… Sky’s the limit, with the exception of porn. The renders will always have the model dressed. These renders are yours to use. After all, I can’t copyright you, only ask for credit for re-creating you digitally. So, yes, you can save and share the rendered images of your model, but note I ask for credit.

Ready to see what they look like in action?

Genuine article. She even works with one of the characters in the books, Deirdra Dragon as her photographer. Yup. She’ll be around in the books. They all will. The fun side challenge when reading the Dream Angel comic books is to find these real people. They’re hiding. Sometimes, in plain sight. It’s easy to join them: it takes two photos… You’ve seen how it works, are you ready to join the digital ranks?

You are? Well, here’s how to get the photos to me.

  • my facebook group is another place. Simply post them in the group and be sure to note what they’re for. Sending them as a message to the group will work too.
  • if you’re not overly concerned with appearance and/or don’t like that method, you should be able to attach the pictures to a comment on this very page. If needed, the comment can be deleted after the pictures are saved.
  • Also, you can use the contact page here on the site. Use 3D Me in the subject line and the answer will give you the ability to send the pictures by email.

There you have it. That’s how the 3D Me works.

One last fun thing to do with these 3D Me characters!

There is one more fun thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet that’s exclusive to the individuals who have one of these made, though. If you’ve explored the store, you might’ve seen that there are key chains, a necklace and earring set and even a travel mug available. Guess where your model can be… Yup! On those.

One more thing that’s been put into the the mix is a soft action figure based on the individual characters. I would be re-creating the 3D model as a soft action figure. The hair and eyes would be based on the photos and the outfit would be based on the digital model. As an example, my own soft action figure would have yellow hair with martini olive green (or the closest color available in acrylic paint) eyes painted on the soft sculpture face. She’d have red shoes, black pants, and a white shirt with “Awesome Author” hand painted on it. These would be only-one-in-the-world action figures. Okay, there’d be one for my collection, but only the person that the 3D model is made from and myself would have these particular action figures. No one else would be able to get one without your written consent.

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