adventure comic book

This site features two adventure comic book series. Dream Angel and Techwarrior. Each is magnificiently rendered using 3D art and animation programs for a more engrossing reading experience fans love. The beauty and charm of the art and stories often has fans wanting more.
Dream Angel is a fantasy comic book series aimed at young girls and includes collectible soft action figures. This is an all-ages friendly comic book series.

The title character Dream Angel fights alongside friends to free her home world of South Bartin City from arch nemesis Nyxus. When she's not battling Nyxus and her creatures in a kid-friendly way, she uses her brooch to transform into her alter ego, Arora Arum.
Techwarrior is an anti-virus that protects computers from the inside from all sorts of problems, but mostly from his lethal enemy CryptoLock! As exciting and engrossing as Dream Angel in every way and just as all-ages friendly! CryptoLock wants to rule the world by stealing all its money and Techwarrior, along with his friends has to stop him!
With the aid of DAZ Studio, these adventure comic books are breathtaking artistically. Fans the world over have enjoyed them. As they continue, the art will continue improving as the artist learns from mistakes and understands the medium better. Continually learning to improve is the key to the charm and beauty of these two series of books. For anyone interested in all-ages friendly, engrossing and unique adventure comic books, they've come to the right place. These books are full of fun, charm and wit designed to be enjoyable time and again. Readers seeking the the fun, colorful wit of "Golden Age" style comics with a modern feel won't be disappointed. Combining the best of American comics with the fun of manga art with CGI stirred in makes them both unique series worth enjoying.