all ages friendly comic book

If you're looking for comic books with that classic "Golden Age" feel to them, you've come to the right place. The books found on this site are designed with a modern look, but have that classic feel that makes them fun for all ages. Being all-ages friendly is only a fraction of their charm as they delight and intrigue readers with playful and engrossing artwork. 
Dream Angel is noted among fans as being engrossing and fun. To quote one fan's review "If you like Batman, Thor or Street Fighter, this series is for you!" Others have agreed that the CGI rendered artwork draws them more deeply into the story with great amazement. The fun and beauty of the art carries over into Techwarrior, which fans have greeted with great anticipation and delight.
Unlike other CGI comic series, both Dream Angel and Techwarrior have a manga feel to them as well with what's known to manga fans as "super deformed" characters. These are not traditionally proportioned figures that portray extreme emotions. Although the CGI characters are capable of showing great emotion when adjusted correctly, it makes the story that much more fun to have the little 3-head-high super-deformed characters showing the extreme emotions that even regular hand-rendered comic book characters might not show. Generally, these are the overly-emotional "chibi" characters that are designed to get a giggle from readers, so even in manga they're intended for fun and humor.
Constantly changing from learning new techniques, the art is just about never the same from book to book. The earliest books of Dream Angel show the greatest of the evolution. These show a transition from Photoshop-added hair, cloth and special effects, to almost 100% rendered in DAZ Studio scenes. In Techwarrior, even the "chibi" characters drawn in Photoshop are added into the scenes for greatest effect – a recently learned technique.