digital adventure comic book

Two digital adventure comic book series call this website home. Dream Angel and Techwarrior. Between the two, there's a lot of fun to be had. Both share artistic similarities and are all-ages friendly.
For those that don't appreciate CGI art, I challenge you to try it and do better without prior training. Even those picking up a pencil and paper start with mere stick figures more often than not. For those learning CGI, it's no different. Despite popular belief, programs such as DAZ Studio have a meaner learning curve than they get credit for. True, there's a lot of pre-made available contet, but that, too, is part of the learning process for beginners.
Understanding this amazing and beautiful medium takes a long time and a great deal of practice. Dream Angel started in 2013 and has undergone many artistic changes along the way. Techwarrior has benefitted from the start from Dream Angel's learning processes. So, if you pick up Techwarrior first, know that its art is the result of 2 years of trial and error. Both digital adventure comic book series have quite a bit of beauty in their own ways.
Dream Angel shares her world with fans and fellow creators' characters to create a highly diverse world on a mysterious and fictional planet the size of Neptune. Techwarrior has yet to explore his world, but there's no doubt it will be just as vibrant and fascinating.
Though they're wildly different, these two digital adventure comic book series have an engrossing beauty and vibrance fans love. As more is learned toward improving the art, no doubt they'll get even better. Fans the world over have enjoyed the fun stories and vibrant art of Dream Angel and although Techwarrior's just getting started, there's little doubt it will be any less well-loved.