Dream Angel #21 is in production!

Dream Angel #21 is in production! Anticipating it? I know I am! If recent render tests are any indication, this is a book to look forward to.  There’s a lot of fascinating scenes coming in the new books this year.

Curious about this new book? Here’s a little teaser from the script:

The bot is projecting an image of Nyxus on the table.

  1. CAP – FLOATING: As if in answer to her question, the drone begins projecting a message…
  2. NYXUS PROJECTION: Dream Angel, surrender!

Want to see this? You’ll just have to wait for the book to be released! The goal currently is January 28th. This book will be released before the end of January, however, so even if that particular date is missed, it’ll be out by the 31st. That might sound awkward, but each book this year will be started at the beginning of the month and released before the month is over.

The intention is to release a book a month (minimum) through October. For Dream Angel, that means Dream Angel #30 will be the October release. Just like last year, November and December go to preparing for the next year’s books. This fixes it so every 10th book is released on the anniversary of Dream Angel #10, which is Halloween.

For Techwarrior, its schedule is (as I’ve explained in previous posts) meant to be every-other-month. So, January, March, May, July, and September are its release months unless something delays it. 15 books a year is quite impressive at this point.

Adding in Hillbilly Hoot, which is in the planning stages, this will be a very busy year, so November and December will indeed be welcome time off from the busy render scheduling. Not that they’ll be a vacation – far from, in fact. They’re simply the two months I’m not likely to release any new books. Instead they’re the two months that go toward preparing scripts, learning new techniques and making sure the new year’s books are ready for production.

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