Happy 4th of July!


Happy 4th of July!

Any news of the books, you might ask? Well, things are on a bit of a temporary hold so more writing can be done. Along the way, scraps of fabric are  being made into nice outfits (so they take up less space) and new techniques for rendering images are being explored.

Specifically, light and camera techniques are being explored to further enhance the beauty of the scenes in the books to come. I’ve toyed some with lighting scenes myself, but frequently used light sets instead of lighting the scene myself.

In both cases, it means being busy even though it’s a holiday. Happily, the result will be worth the effort, I believe. I’ve said it time and again and I’ll say it again: there’s a beautiful artistic evolution to be found in these books. With the learning that goes on between, you’ll find each book better than the last.

Scenes such as this:


and this:


Were unthinkable when I started creating these books. Lighting of this type would not have been easily achieved if at all. Notice the shadows on the walls and ground. That’s long been a problem in need of solving. Notice also that there’s a softening of the background. Depth of field has been put to use with this piece. Finally, camera capabilities are being explored.

So, while there might be some time between books, you can rest assured I’m most certainly not idle. It’s safe to guess future books are going to be more sophisticated and engrossing artistically, making them just that much better with each render.

So, again, Happy 4th of July and wish me luck!

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