Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone’s looking forward to a good one! Despite the pandemic, there’s been plenty going on. For now, the books are on hold, but there’s plenty available to read already! Don’t take this as meaning we’ve been idle! Far from. Matter of fact, there’s been a good amount of practice for future books going on.

An impressive dungeon with light emitting surfaces.

This is a prime example of practicing. With what? Light emitting surfaces. The lava on the floor and the torches on the wall are the only light sources for this spooky dungeon scene.

The plan for this happy new year is to continue practicing to really hone the skill needed for upcoming books. Any fan of the books available on this site will tell you there is definitely an artistic evolution throughout the series – all of them! This is what gives them a unique feel and charm that fans tend to love so much. So, while there are books ready to be released (not telling which ones!) they may see some adjusting before they’re actually released potentially later this new year. At least, that’s the plan. As we’ve seen, the best laid plans can go awry, but it’s a good goal to have, right? So, when we’re able to release new books, you can bet we’ll likely have a lot of fun doing it!

Keep your eyes peeled for future updates both here and in our Facebook group! Updates may also include practice renders like that dungeon above or like this:

George, Firebright and Daybright frolicking in a pretty meadow with a waterfall.

A pretty scene for the steeds to be frolicking in, isn’t it? That’s George grazing, Firebright leaping and Daybright rolling. This is simple practice for posing, lighting and composition.

Chibi Dream Angel just looking for fun and being cute!

Okay, this one is just plain fun, but she’ll be seeing you in the books in her non-chibi form soon! Happy New Year again!

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