It’s fixed!!

Happy to report it’s fixed! The images are back to normal. That means I can show off this cutie, even though she’s still in progress:


Adorable, isn’t she? You might have also noticed that a new product has been added. Terance Baker’s Pink Hammer is now in the shop as part of the ICC Specialties group. To keep her company, Jellybean Dream has also been added to the shop in the ICC Specialties group. These two charmers are fabulous characters in their own series and may make appearances in the Dream Angel series as well.

12736019_1030592113646120_54775919_n 12746339_1030627020309296_1351373500_n

Adorable, aren’t they? As Pink Hammer demonstrates, they can hold a pose thanks to a wire armature inside the body.

Well, with images back in working order, things will be needing updating around here, but things should return to normal soon. How soon, is difficult to say, but being fixed is the first step.

So, thoughts are welcome. Simple request as usual is to follow the site-wide rules. What do you think of these new plush action figures? Who would you like to see next?

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