A new Dream Angel #1?

A new Dream Angel #1 is in progress for rendering, yes. Don’t get me wrong: Dream Angel #1 – both currently available versions – look good, there’s no denying that. So, why make a new Dream Angel #1? Well, the reaction to Techwarrior #5 was good and a couple discoveries recently contributed to the decision. One was a lighting trick, the other a 360 degree render that had just the right rooftop to go with the lighting trick. Between the two, they set the idea in motion.

Okay, the idea’s been around for a while. Even before discovering the ability to use Iray in December. We’ll simply say a few things set off the idea machine and got this new version in motion. No, it’s not a reboot, it’s more of an update. An artistic “facelift” with some minor story changes to help it make more sense.

Along the way, the scripts for Dream Angel #24-31 might be finished, or at least finalized. Dream Angel #1-6 at the very least will see the updated art while these are being worked on.

Are any other books going to be updated? Others might see story corrections so the story makes better sense, but the art is more likely to be left alone. Dream Angel #1-6 were rendered using Poser with a lot more Photoshop work than the ones that followed, so those in particular are ones to update so they’re artistically consistent with the rest. It’s almost a shock between #6 and #7 when the art changes from Poser to DAZ.

One thought for the time being is if the new Dream Angel #1 attracts new readers, then #2-6 will see art and story updates. If those get a good reception, #7 on can see story updates. Along the way, Dream Angel #24, Techwarrior #6 and possibly other later books can be mixed in or even rendered at the same time. In this way, all the books will finally have artistic consistency.

Oh don’t get me wrong: the Poser rendered books are good. There’s no denying that. There’s always room for improvement, though and this is an improvement.

So, what do you think of this? Are you going to get the new books when they come out?

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