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Remaining characters: 160




The 3D Me action figure is completely unique to the person the 3D Me is made from. That means these action figures are equally unique. These are specialty characters based on real people. The action figures (unless you’re the person the character’s based on) can only be ordered with written consent from the person the character’s based on.



I’ve broken up the 3D Me characters into 3 categories.

  • Crowd Character: 3Dmecrowd600This character is basically the jeans-and-t-shirt type that would be behind a police barrier watching the heroes and villains fight. No interaction to speak of with regular fictional characters. Don’t get me wrong: these types are just as important as any other character. They might even get an interview with Deirdra for a newscast scene.I’m a good example of a Crowd Character.
  • Non-hero: 3Dmenonhero600This character might have a speaking part and even be partnered with a regular fictional type, but they don’t join the fighting. Melissa Roe here is a good example of a Non-Hero. She’s partnered with Deirdra Dragon as her photographer.
  • Hero character: 3Dmehero600This includes fans who’ve chosen a villain role. These have definite interaction with the regular fictional characters. I’ve only allowed a small number of these characters because they have a much stronger impact on the story compared to the other two types. These also might have an animal/creature of some sort.
    Jennifer Sills is an example of a Hero Character. The fellow above (Jeff and his green steed George) is another example of a Hero Character.

What I’ve done is setup a flat price for each of these categories. I’ve also required you to provide the name of the character you’re ordering. Be honest, please! Don’t put in the name of a Hero character and order a Crowd Character. I’ll simply cancel the order. If you’re not sure what category your character fits in, I’m providing a contact form so you can ask if you don’t want to use the comments below.

So, why is the Hero character more expensive than the other two?

The reason is simple. This character has an alternate identity in several cases. So, to match this, I’m setting them up as a special deal of sorts. On top of being limited in number to only a few people (sorry if you want to be one of these for this reason) I’m going to sell these as a set (as applicable. Some don’t have an alter ego of sorts.)

For example, Jeff and his steed George will be a set and since he’s chosen a “hero” name keeping his real name as a non-hero identity, this set would include, Jeff, George, his hero outfit and a casual outfit. See why it would be more expensive than the other two types of character? There’s more to it.

Let me put it another way. If Clark Kent (I know he’s fictitious, this is merely an example!) had me make him a 3D Me and subsequently a 3D Me action figure, the action figure set would have a Clark Kent outfit and of course the Superman outfit. (No copyright infringement intended, it’s simply an example I would expect just about anyone to fully understand!)

Why haven’t I done this for my regular fictional heroes? Well, I’ve thought about it and found that yes, I could do that, but I’m still on the fence about actually doing it.

Again, you’ll need to make sure you know your character’s category and be sure to put in the name.

  • Body made with a pattern from Prairie Crocus Studio
  • international shipping is available by request
  • All new materials used.
  • Colors and fabrics may vary.

Additional information

Type and size

10" Crowd Character, 11" Crowd Character, 16" Crowd Character, 10" Non-Hero Character, 11" Non-Hero Character, 16" Non-Hero Character, 10" Hero/Villain Character, 11" Hero/Villain Character, 16" Hero/Villain Character

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