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  • Bitsy is made of a very soft, luxurious fur that is pink at the root and white at the tip, giving the illusion that she’s more than one color. Her eyes are lockwasher so they won’t come out. $20+shipping
  • international shipping is available

Bitsy is a very loyal friend. Much like a boy and his dog, Bitsy is the friend Keru turns to when he feels he can’t talk to anyone else. Just talking out problems with her usually helps, in spite of the fact she can’t even respond. There are days when Keru would say she understands every word he says perfectly. Not only is Bitsy a terrific friend Keru can talk to about anything, she’s also able to help in times of need. Besides being a natural enemy of the roach vampires (just the sight of her causes them to panic uncontrollably) but she’s smart enough to do a good many things Keru can’t or might not be able to do at the time. Bitsy has lots of things going for her as a spider species goes. Luckily, Keru knows her capabilities and often puts them to good use, but he has been known to put them to mischievous use, as well. Athalia’s the only one patient enough to put up with the spider and her master without being completely repulsed. She finds the spider pretty and thinks she has a charming personality all her own. A note about the action figure:

  • Though generally meant for ages 3 and up, you can request I take extra precautions for children under the age of 3. These cloth action figures are designed specifically to be washable, as well.

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