Red Nite Soldier




  • Red Nite Soldier outfit is made of a soft knit with velcro to close the shirt in back.
  • Body made with a pattern from Prairie Crocus Studio
  • international shipping is available by request
  • All new materials used.

Red Nite Soldier is a bit of a jokester, but generally keeps things serious. Red Nite Soldier is more the lover-boy than his companion, Blue Nite Soldier. His affection belongs solely to Katrilina, though. His “Kitten-of-the-adorable-ears” has his protection and affection and she adores the attention. Red Nite Soldier wields two weapons and quite effectively. His katana was a gift from Ryu and specially forged to give him extra protection. His short sword is a gift from Kiryoku and blessed with its own powerful virtues. Between the two, he’s more serious, especially in battle. Luckily, his companion makes up the difference with a few scattered jokes to help lighten the mood if a battle starts dragging on and everyone is getting tired. Most of the time, he prefers using his katana in a fight, keeping his short sword in reserve just in case he should need to double wield against an opponent or several. A note about the two sizes of action figure:

  • Though generally meant for ages 3 and up, you can request I take extra precautions for children under the age of 3. These cloth action figures are designed specifically to be washable, as well.

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