New books coming soon!!

There’s new books in the works that should soon be complete! Techwarrior #7 is reday and waiting for final approval, Techwarrior #8 is already in production and Dream Angel #26 is also in production! True, the goal has always been a book a month and lately that hasn’t been the case, but keep in mind a lot has happened the last couple years to disrupt that routine. With things finally settling down into a more regular routine, the book-a-month goal can once again resume.

As for the plush action figures, well, they’ve seen some improvements lately, as nearly anyone in our Facebook group knows. To make the faces look more like they do in the books, makeup is used instead of paint. Needle sculpting the faces has seen improvement, as well as with anything new, practice makes perfect!

So, what else is new for 2019? Well, one goal is to see the books and action figures on local comic book store shelves and possibly get tables at local comic conventions or trade shows of some sort.

To date, just about everyone who’s seen the books and soft action figures agree there’s a local market for them, it’s merely a matter of getting them seen and known.

So, with some hard work and determination, 2019 looks to be an exciting year.

Join us and help make these books and soft action figures more well known. Share anything you like from this site and help spread the word! Sharing things from the store even earns you a 10% discount!