Dream Angel #25 coming soon!

Dream Angel #25 coming soon! If you’ve kept up with the news in the Facebook group, you know the computer usually used for rendering, affectionately known as “Big Baby,” is suffering because of the latest Windows updates being incompatible.

A problem that happened to its smaller 2-in-1 counterpart known as “Pinkie.” Fixing the problem on Pinkie turned out to be much easier than the much older Big Baby. Instead of being able to easily fix it, it’s throwing a tantrum, refusing to work the way it ought to and barely being able to load Windows.

Well, with Big Baby down, rendering Dream Angel #25 came to a screeching halt because Pinkie can’t use DAZ Studio’s Iray (photo realistic) render engine. The upside is it can use Carrara, which is basically DAZ’s big sister program. Much more heavy-duty on the system for the most part, but Pinkie has been handling it well.

Luckily, Carrara can re-create the characters needed. This means the final renders for Dream Angel #25 can be done using Pinkie and Carrara! While a release date hasn’t been picked yet, just the fact that the book can be completed is wonderful news, don’t you think?

Scenes like this done using DAZ’s 3Delight render engine wouldn’t quite have the same impact, particularly with the lighting and that’s what render engine would have to be used if Pinkie couldn’t handle Carrara.

Okay, going on about it might be silly, but you have to admit, it’s worth being excited about, right?

These are wonderful, fun and funny books. Playful scenes like this:

Are always a delightful way to over dramatize a scene in a very funny way. Compared to the photo-realistic style, these scenes stand out in such a hilarious way that they help endear the books to readers. Compare this one to the one above and you’ll see the fun contrast.

In the meantime, while you wait for Dream Angel #25 to have a release date picked, you can visit the shop and pick up the first 24 books. Sounds like a daunting number, doesn’t it? Well, that’s where collection books come in handy. Mind you, the collection books aren’t available in print, but they are a good deal compared to buying each book individually, even digitally. A quick way to catch up is the 10 book collections: 1-10 and 11-20. From there, you’d simply need 21, 22, 23, and 24 to be completely caught up.

Well, if you’re looking forward to Dream Angel #25, it’s a good idea to grab those first 24 before the release date’s picked!