Techwarrior #6 coming soon!

Techwarrior #6 is coming soon! It’s more than half done and fans of this series will find this long-awaited book worth the wait. With 11 renders to go (as of the writing of this article) a release date isn’t formally set, but a safe bet could be later this month!

If the cover is any hint, you can also bet the art inside is knockout quality with an impressive story to match as the quality of both has only improved with each book.

So, with this book on the verge of release, which series gets the next in line? Usually, Dream Angel has the next book in line and this one would be #25. Yet, it takes longer in production for its 24 page count. Techwarrior has 12 pages and takes less time. So, perhaps Techwarrior #7 could be next in line? Let’s explore the art more in depth to explore why it takes so long.

Taking a good look at how the art is created, you’ll find that characters look like you could reach out and touch them. This is largely because of the render engine called “Iray.” With the right materials applied to the surfaces in the scene, it renders in a photo realistic way. This makes it appear as if someone really is in the scene with a camera. So that reach out and touch feeling adds to the engrossing reading experience.

You’ll also notice the lighting in the cover scene for Techwarrior #6. It uses what’s called “light emitting surfaces.” While these tend to slow down rendering speeds, they provide breathtaking light that adds very impressive effects to the scene. Look carefully at that cover.

You’ll see that’s Sensei attacking the girl (I can’t say who she is without spoiling the story for those who haven’t read it!) and his attack casts a subtle light on her face. It’s a light emitting surface. You’ll see things like this that help add to the quality and beauty of the books found on this site.

You’ll also notice as you look through the shop and see the different book covers, not all of them seem to share this quality. Well, that comes from learning over time. There’s an artistic evolution to be seen with all the books with the latest one always having the top of the line skill being put to the best use possible at the time.

No, not knocking the older books. Just noting that at the time of their creation and release, they were top of the artistic skill line and more has been learned since. That said, you’ll get greater enjoyment out of these books – artistically – by enjoying the evolution.

So, which series do you think should get the next book in line? Dream Angel #25? Techwarrior #7? Cast your vote in the comments below!

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