Tomorrow’s the big day!

Dream Angel’s come a long way and tomorrow’s the big day for her 21st book! It’s hard to believe the differences between this one and the earliest books, but a year from now, I’m counting on being even better.

As you’ve probably noticed, this site’s having technical difficulty with images. This means that for the time being the images for the new book’s page will be missing. The book itself is likely to be uploaded without incident and quite available for purchase, but the preview images on the product page won’t be there until the problem is resolved.

Getting this site on its feet 100% has been and continues to be a challenge, but the important things work – like the shop! So, while the image difficulty is being resolved, I’ll take great pains to be especially detailed and describe just how impressive this book really is without spoiling it.

Yesterday was particularly challenging. The reason is a projection that I wanted to glow. After hours of arguing, the final render with the glow I wanted turned out wonderful. If you know DAZ Studio at all, you might know of the Uber Area lights and Uber Environment lights. These were instrumental in making the projection glow the way I wanted. Combined with a fabulously devious look on our favorite villainess’s face, the scene looks exactly as I’d imagined it. Something, that even with the 3D medium I use, is not especially common. Sometimes I have to improvise and other times I improve on what I had in mind.

Unfortunately, I can’t add the render here for a sneak peek because of the image technical difficulties, but if you’re on Facebook, you can see it in the release party event and while you’re there, feel free to join the group and event! The site might still have bugs, but the group has a lot of cool fun going on!

Going to be a fun party tomorrow! Won’t you join us?

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