I’m not afraid to admit it: I’m an amateur animator. I’d like to share my progress as I learn more animation and even find my own ways of improvement. Most of these clips are short and very simple, but enjoyable.


Jake “Golden Chaos” Arum vs Mike “Mad Dog” Maroney in a match clip.


Jake’s a retired wrestler, but here he is as “Golden Chaos” in the ring!


Curious how Nyxus becomes a wyvern? Here’s the answer.

Teikou no Senshi’s cape is the one element that absolutely has to be dynamic cloth, but as you can see here, I was experimenting with a dynamic skirt as well.


In this one, I was experimenting with dynamic cloth for Blue Nite Soldier’s cape. Much as I love the dynamics of this cape, there are times I have to go back to the stiff one with the simple morphs. I do my best to make it so you can’t tell the difference, though!

Here’s an awesome clip of Nyxus on the runway. It took a while to render, but she does look really good!


In this clip, Nyxus takes “bringing down the house” rather literally.

This one’s a personal favorite and the most recent (March 3, 2014). It presents all the characters in the comic books – both fictional and real – to make it easy to see who’s who and match names to faces for characters.


Here’s another personal favorite. I was testing out a scene from Dream Angel #7 and wanted to check out just how good it would be, so I animated a bit of camera movement and explored the scene. This is the rendered result. I like the look because it’s just after the earthquake inDream Angel #6 and the fog effect gives a very dark, eerie feeling to the scene as if the power is out and there’s a fire smoking up the area already.


Just a bit of fun with this one. It took an incredible 14 hours to render a mere 32 seconds. I just felt like goofing around and enjoying myself a little bit. As part of the fun, I was practicing with changing light colors and camera movement. Not that I’d render this one again, but I think next time, I’d shorten the transition between colors for the lights to give it more of a party atmosphere. Lesson learned.

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