Countdown to Techwarrior #5!

The countdown to Techwarrior #5 has begun! With 9 days to go, this book looks amazing and in the Facebook release party event, voting is showing that an accompanying 5 book collection should be released as well.

This means it’ll be a double party for Techwarrior #5 to celebrate both.
For being the first book released in some time, this one looks to have a lot of anticipation, just from the few renders that have been shared on Facebook in the group.

If I may make a personal reference here: I’m glad those few renders that have been shared have been so eagerly received. I’m also impressed at being able to keep the page-a-day render routine I’ve had all along, despite each panel scene taking 2 hours to render. Seeing people excited about this new book for the improved quality of the rendering it wonderful.

Are you as excited about it as I am?

One thing that’s ended up real fascinating is a test render of the background for Techwarrior #5. Well, one of the backgrounds, anyway. The scene is simple enough. To share the secret of the scene, it’s Stonemason’s Level 19 with the Iray Uber base applied to it. After that, the Iray Emissive shader applied to the lights and turned up so it lights the scene nicely.

All stuff that came with DAZ Studio itself. No, I’m not dissing it or anything. Just saying sometimes, the simplest scenes can make a huge impression! This background sets off the mood of Techwarrior #5 very well, too. Gives an air of mystery to some of the scenes, making it more dramatic.

Okay, enough spoilers! You’ll have to wait for the book for more. All that’s left to say is that it’s most definitely worth the wait!

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