Expect delays for some orders

Expect delays for some orders, particularly anything that requires shipping. The reason will likely see mixed reactions of “congratulations” and “when will you be able to send things again?” Permit me to explain further.

As of June 30th this year, I’ll no longer be making my books alone. You’ll be seeing cover credits and everything else changed to a new husband and wife team because on that day, I’ll be getting married. Shortly after that, I’ll be moving across the country. That should explain the first reaction. To answer the question in the second reaction: early to mid July. Not too bad of a delay, but it’s always nice to know why an order might not be promptly filled, right?

Just know that if you plan to order a plush action figure, for example, that there will be a delay in filling it due to the move. I will however, immediately email the tracking number to the email you provide with the order as soon as the order is shipped. Often, I keep customers updated of progress as their order is being made, as well. As soon as things settle down, orders will be filled and shipped in as timely a manner as possible. Digital orders, however, are instant. Once they’re paid for, all you’d need do is go to the available downloads page and download the order.

On a different note, anyone that’s been in the Facebook group lately has seen more modeling than book production going on, yet, the new Dream Angel #1 has a mere 4 pages left to render. It’s soon to be set for its 4th of July release. Fortunately for the book, I can setup for it to go live on this site automatically. It’ll be the very first of many, many more to come that will bear my new married name of Wyatt.

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