New soft weapons available!

With some painstaking (and sometimes physically painful) preparation, the shop now includes some new soft weapons. Yeah, I know that’s an oxymoron, but not in this case. These are definitely for collectors and older kids to enjoy, though as they are small enough to cause harm.

What of the books and other projects? Well, it’s nice to “recharge” the creative energies. Searching for new ideas helps, too. Quite simply, writing the books ahead and preparing the script to be the best it can be takes time. Safe to say this is the calm before quite a storm of wonderful books.

Techwarrior #5 is written, Dream Angel #24 is just about ready for rendering and Hillbilly Hoot #2 is patiently waiting its turn. Meanwhile, preparations continue.

In the Facebook group lately, there’s been discussion of adding a 20 book collection to the shop. An addition to that theory might be to include an action figure with the books – printed copies, that is. Now, that wouldn’t be a 20 book printed book with the action figure, just a single book, but having a character with it… well, that might be fun.

The idea for the 20 book collection is $36.99 for price. For the book and character figure combination… a thought could be $19.99. This would include fan characters combined with books. So, for instance, the fan character set George and Oriel combined with a printed copy of Dream Angel #1 2nd edition would be $19.99, just like Arora, her Dream Angel costume and Dream Angel #1 2nd edition. Yep, the combinations in some cases, would be the character’s non-hero form, hero costume and the book in print for that price. Not a bad deal, right?

So, what do you think of all this? Pretty good deal, isn’t it? Don’t be shy! I want your thoughts, but keep it polite and G rated, please!

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