Coming Soon to this site!

Dream Angel’s Paradise is undergoing a metamorphosis after being taken over by the bad guys. It should be back online in a day or two. Dream Angel has to convince the Google Good Guys that it is no longer infected by the Evil Bad Guys!


Techwarrior’s been helping get rid of the bad guys and the Google Good Guys agree this site’s safe and clean!

What you’ll find when this site is once again working:

  1. Facebook-like activity page, where you can interact with the author and fellow fans of both Techwarrior and Dream Angel.
  2. A shop where you can purchase character plushes in 10″, 11″ and 16″ sizes, along with all the complete books, collection books and a nice array of different goodies that feature the characters as well.
  3. Levels of achievement that offer prizes for completing the levels including coloring pages, coupons and special art books.
  4. Character profiles for both Techwarrior and Dream Angel, to help you learn more about your favorite characters.
  5. Flash-based games to play and enjoy.
  6. Behind-the-scenes videos and various animated renderings of characters.

There’s lots to do so, pardon our dust while we rebuild this site!