Site-wide rules

Welcome to the site-wide rules that should be observed at all times:

  1. Nasty, rude comments won’t be tolerated.
  2. Constructive criticism is actively encouraged as the artist loves learning from mistakes. So, skip the “You should have done this by hand because CGI is lazy” comments, they’re no more tolerated than the nasty and rude ones.
  3. On the other hand, comments like “you should increase the contrast of this scene,” or “if you adjust the camera angle this way, you’ll have a much more dramatic scene” are very much encouraged. Some things can’t be changed (yet!) such as the semi-stiff looking cloth or even stiff-ish hair in some cases – partially due to computer limitations, and partially due to software limitations – but things like lighting, camera angle or even pose suggestions can be very helpful.
  4. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m still a novice with the medium, but it’s hard to learn from the “lazy” comments versus the “change the camera angle a little for a more dramatic render” comments. It’s the same for even hand rendered art. So instead of negative comments, help me learn to do better with the medium I’ve chosen.
  5. Skip the “DAZ is worthless because it’s free” comments. If you think I should use a more expensive 3D program, either donate it or buy it for me because odds are, I can’t afford it on my own right now. I’m earning the ability to buy better equipment and software. It doesn’t help to tell me I need a $700 program to do art you think is worthwhile just because the program’s fancy and expensive. I’d probably agree it does a better job, but it’s no help if I can’t use it because I can’t afford it for the time being. Instead of the “DAZ is worthless” comments, understand that I would love to have the more heavy duty programs and equipment and DAZ is going to help me earn the ability to get it. Buying things from the shop and encouraging others to do the same is the best way to help me earn the ability to get that fancier program or more high powered computer.
  6. This is an all-ages site, so keep the “adult” stuff clean, please! What’s that mean? Well, that means swearing – even in a good way, like “this is $#*(#$ good!” – needs to be censored. No porn posts or anything that isn’t appropriate for young eyes.
  7. There’s no excessive violence, sex or swearing on this site or in the books. 
  8. Please observe these rules at all times. I hate the very thought of banning someone from this site, but I will if I am forced to. They’re not hard to observe, so please just keep them in mind when you comment!