They’re finished!

They’re finished! Techwarrior #8 and Dream Angel #26 are complete! Okay, there’s still some work left, but rendering is completely done! They do still need to be checked for typos and other little things like that, then prepped for printing.

It might be a while before they’re released and in print because we’re actually looking for a lower cost local option for printing. For the time being, they’ll wait patiently and in the meantime, Techwarrior #9 and Dream Angel #27 will soon start production. Their Comic life files are ready to go, which means rendering can start soon.

I bet Techwarrior fans are already thinking, “wait a minute, Techwarrior #8? Where’s Techwarrior #7? It’s not in the store yet!” Yes, Techwarrior #7 has yet to be released as well and yes, it would have to be released before Techwarrior #8, of course.

The next thing you might be thinking is “why aren’t you releasing these finished books?” Again, we’re looking for a local printer that can help lower the cost of our printed books. As they are currently, $15 is pretty steep, wouldn’t you agree? Even signed, that’s a bit high, right? So, why not stop production until we find a printer? Tough question, but for a creator it’s like asking them to cut off their arm. Better to keep making books than stop completely.

On the other side, why not build a backlog of books ready for release once we do? Sure, that means merely teasing the books in the meantime, but it also gives you plenty of time to get all the already available books, too. For Techwarrior, there’s 6 amazing books already available. For Dream Angel, 25 fantastic books awaiting you. Not forgetting all the plush action figures and goodies found in the store.

Just because it’ll be a while before new books are available doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of fun to be had already!

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