Akasha NightWind

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Posted by Dream Angel on Sunday, March 16, 2014

Name: Akasha NightWind

Age: 3 (adult in bird years)

Height: 12 inches

Weight: 5 pounds

Body type: lean

Physical condition: fit

Eye color: jade

Wing span: 24 inches

Birthday: January 24

Top flight speed: 250mph in full dive

Distinguishing features: pastel colors from beak to tail starting with yellow, going to green, blue, and finally purple at the tail.

Skills, abilities and talents: very fast flight speed, highly agile

General personality type: happy/jovial

Introvert/extrovert: extrovert

Quirks: intense eyes

Eccentricities: usually laughing

IQ: 200

Temperament: laid-back nature that counters her raptor body and hunting habits

Method of handling anger: laughter

Admirable traits: usually has a playful joke to lighten people’s moods, infectious laughter

Negative traits/bad habits: doesn’t always know when to stop laughing

Sense of humor: playful, slapstick

Fears: guns

Hobbies/favorite pastime: hunting her next meal

Traumas: her parents were shot down by the Keres; she was hit in the right wing, but survived

Favorite pet sayings: “Laughter is the cure of all negative things!”, “A good joke is universal.”

Speaking style: casual

Philosophy of life: laughter is the best medicine

Home: Sunless Mountains, in a tree

Although Akasha agreed to help Dream Angel when she found her with the wounded wing, it was Teikou no Senshi’s healing power that helped her directly. Akasha’s fun-loving nature has repeatedly helped the girls get through some of the toughest situations. Although Akasha has an outgoing, friendly and cheerful appearance, inwardly, she’d want nothing more than to rip out Nyxus’s eyes. Though if you looked at her fierce eyes, you might get the feeling she wants to rip apart her enemies. Since her eyes are always fierce, she tends to prefer keeping the mood light-hearted.

A cool fact about Akasha is that she’s based on the same legend that appears in three separate cultures: the legend of the rainbow bird. This legend – so far – is found in Japanese, Native American and Mayan stories, but it always boils down to the same basic story with the same basic moral: help others and rewards follow. A lovely story with a very fine moral to it. Very appropriate for Akasha’s character.

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