Hero Allies

Hero Allies

The hero allies are just as important as the heroes at times because they can be of tremendous help in times of great need. Extra speed, strength, skill, agility, stealth and other varying abilities often help the heroes out of some very tight spots. Though sometimes, they can help the heroes get in to some very tight spots as well!

They all help in their own ways and quite often the heroes find themselves very glad of the extra help. These are friends earned in the heat of battle, family that survive the attacks, mentors, and allies gained through rescue and even tragedy. Every one of them would gladly see Nyxus off the planet never to return, though. One way or another, they all have a reason to hate Nyxus and her corrupt rule of the planet.

Each of these has a different reason for fighting, but a reason nonetheless. Some Nyxus almost killed, others lost family to her cruelty and corruption. Others still lost vital resources for living and now struggle just to survive. Between them, there’s a good amount of very handy skill and resourcefulness that adds to the heroes’ own skills and capabilities. Battle training, experience, unique pets, reconnaissance skills, weapons training, magic, strength and leadership.

Each has had some life-changing experience at the hands of Nyxus, as well. For many, a near-fatal attack proved strong motivation and reason for joining the fighting. Others, simply felt that they were needed and had a key role to play in winning the freedom of the planet. Others still, felt that Nyxus wasn’t a fair and just ruler as she makes herself out to be and want to see her rule removed forever.

Characters in the Hero allies group:

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