Name: Kiryoku

Meaning of name: energy

Body type: half Kirin (Chinese unicorn)

Physical condition: fit

Eye color: sea green

Hair color and style: teal, long and wavy

Power: very elusive, fast and skilled with a sword

Distinguishing features: half Kirin which is part deer, ox and carp

Skills, abilities and talents: highly skilled with a sword

Areas of expertise: finding virtue in others

General personality type: friendly unless you’re not of great virtue

Introvert/extrovert: introvert

Temperament: sweet, charming, friendly

Method of handling anger: she doesn’t show anger

Sense of humor: playful

Fears: extinction

Interests: books

Favorite pastime: reading

Favorite pet saying: Find the virtue within yourself.

Philosophy of life: See the good in others, see the good in yourself.

Home: Sunless Mountains, migratory

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