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Welcome to the one and only home of the heroes Dream Angel and Techwarrior!

For those looking to find a pair of fun, all-ages friendly comic book series, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find writer/artist/creator Jennifer Rash’s fascinating CGI sci-fi and fantasy series.

Dream Angel is a witty, playful fantasy superhero action series featuring the title character Dream Angel in her fight to free her home world of South Bartin City from the tyranny of Nyxus. Alongside friends, she has many exciting battles and adventures.

Techwarrior is an action-packed sci-fi series featuring the title character Techwarrior as he battles the virus CryptoLock to save the world’s computers from inside!

If you love one series, odds are you’ll love both! Of the two, Dream Angel has the most books in the series, but fear not! If you’re a newcomer to the series, there’s collection books to the rescue! You can catch up in a flash!

You’ll find a broad variety of interesting things to do on this site. Flash-based games, activity levels that offer prizes for doing certain actions on the site, videos, fan art, plush action figures and more! So, come on down! Come join the fun! You won’t be sorry! The fun’s just waiting for you!

These two beautiful series are rendered using CGI methods with increasingly magnificent results. Just as the story of each book builds on the one before it, so does the art. If you doubt the beauty of these books, I challenge you to do better using the same medium!

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