Dream Angel #10 Black-Winged Death




Dream Angel #10 Black-Winged Death
with guest writer Winston Jordan

Dream Angel and company are helping survivors of the devastation, but they know that the Wyvern coming for them soon. Tired from helping so many, but no rest is given as Dream Angel is given grave news. The Wyvern is not coming for them, but for her family!  As for the group escaping the castle, they run into a stranger looking for Nxyus herself. A cameo from Winston Jordan’s series Dragon Trio. How will they deal with this stranger, and can Dream Angel make it to her family’s home in time to save them? By this issue to find out!

Mile-a-minute excitement just waiting to be enjoyed! Immersive, fascinating, interesting, fun, witty, delightful. There are dozens of ways to describe these books and their full-color digitally rendered pages.

This is a series designed for all ages, so you won’t find blood, extreme violence, sex or swearing in it. Yes, there is some fighting, but nothing over-the-top violent. You won’t find fighting for the sake of fighting, either. There’s fighting, yes, but there’s a reason behind it and usually a few jokes to counter it and make it more fun and enjoyable.

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