Dream Angel #10


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Dream Angel #10 is a crowning achievement, a fine piece of work and a real gem worth every penny! Friend and fellow independent comic book creator Winston Jordan, creator of Dragon Trio, brings a new villain to the Dream Angel universe. Although this villain is a guest villain, the mischief and mystery is just as much his as it is mine.

“For Dream Angel and her friends, “Bad day” scarecely begins to cover things! Bombs, earthquakes, explosions, kidnappings and now Nyxus has made an incredible transformation that’s known as the Black Winged Death? Could things possibly get worse?

Unfortunately, yes. Along the way toward rescuing their friends, Dream Angel and several of her friends have found there are possibly thousands of innocent victims from the earthquake alone and they need the heroes’ help! While in the castle, the formerly captive heroes encounter a new problem…”

Mile-a-minute excitement just waiting to be enjoyed! Immersive, fascinating, interesting, fun, witty, delightful. There are dozens of ways to describe these books and their full-color digitally rendered pages.

This is a series designed for all ages, so you won’t find blood, extreme violence, sex or swearing in it. Yes, there is some fighting, but nothing over-the-top violent. You won’t find fighting for the sake of fighting, either. There’s fighting, yes, but there’s a reason behind it and usually a few jokes to counter it and make it more fun and enjoyable.

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