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  • Nosos is made of a soft jersey knit wearing dark green velvet. Her soft sculpture face is hand painted and her hair is embroidery cotton.
    • Body made with a pattern from Prairie Crocus Studio
    • international shipping is available by request
    • All new materials used.
    • Colors and fabrics may vary.
    • Magnetic hands to hold accessories optional. This option is not recommended for children under the age of 5.

Nosos is like Batman‘s Poison Ivy, though she doesn’t have to mix chemicals and such to get plants and poisonous things to do what she wants. She does it naturally and she controls anything poisonous, regardless of the level of toxicity. This makes her dangerous for Dream Angel and her friends with the exception of Teikou no Senshi, who has a natural resistance to poison and can heal others of it.

Since Teikou no Senshi has a natural resistance to her poison, Nosos generally targets her first to get her out of the way so she can move on to attack Dream Angel and anyone else in her way.

Nosos is one of the calmer Keres. She doesn’t anger easily most of the time and this only makes her more dangerous. Unlike her sisters and brother, she’s cool and collected even with all the heroes firing insults at her. Nosos knows the value of attacking without anger and won’t attack in anger.

A note about the action figure:

  • Though generally meant for ages 3 and up, you can request I take extra precautions for children under the age of 3. These cloth action figures are designed specifically to be washable, as well. General instructions for washing would be to place the figure in a pillow case, close with a rubber band and gently wash either by hand or by machine on the warm cycle.

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Magnetic, Non-magnetic

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