Deirdra Dragon

Deirdra Dragon is a skeptic. She’s not totally positive Dream Angel’s doing what’s right, but she’s not sure what she’s doing is wrong, either. Deirdra’s a reporter – and a good one, at that, but she has to be careful how she words her articles – especially the ones about Dream Angel. Nyxus hates critical reporting and it would be potentially deadly for Deirdra if she were to make it sound like she’s promoting what Dream Angel does. Her family owns South Bartin Dragon News and if Nyxus wanted, she could easily shut the reporter down along with the whole news agency. She’s an important piece of the puzzle to what makes Dream Angel and her friends heroes. She knows a lot of what Nyxus does is wrong and while she’s uncertain of Dream Angel’s actions, she also thinks there may be another way to uproot Nyxus that doesn’t include so much destructive fighting.


Deirdra’s assistant is a real, live human being. No, I’m not joking. She’s got a Facebook page of her own and you can ask her if the character above is really her or not. Deirdra’s assistant/photographer is a real photographer. So, what better way to be in the books? Similar to Superman’s pal Jimmy Olsen, but more along the lines of Peter Parker. She doesn’t write the articles, she takes the photos and helps Deirdra out in the field.

It’s a fun little side game I keep sneaking into the books to have real people hidden somewhere. My own Alfred Hitchcock meets Where’s Waldo? thing that makes the books just that much more fun – especially for fans.

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