Dream Angel #3


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Dream Angel #3 really builds on the tension: As far as Dream Angel’s concerned, a successful rescue is one where nobody’s seriously hurt – on either side. Of course, that’s not always easy to accomplish.

Dream Angel, Teikou no Senshi, Red Nite Soldier, Katrilina and Blue Nite Soldier set out on a particular mission: rescue Jake “Golden Chaos” Arum from the hands of their most lethal enemies: the Keres and their mother, Nyxus. During the attempt, Dream Angel and Teikou no Senshi were trapped in the courtyard of the castle with Jake, who proved to the Reprobate Elite Xalibe WildClaw he could hold his own in a fight. As they fought to escape, another kidnapping took place: Lieutenant Larissa Arum, leading a team of local police officers was taken hostage by Ker and her teammates killed. Fortunately, Kaida somehow learned of Larissa’s kidnapping and came to her clumsy but successful rescue. Now, once again, Larissa is on her way to help Dream Angel…

Mile-a-minute excitement just waiting to be enjoyed! Immersive, fascinating, interesting, fun, witty, delightful. There are dozens of ways to describe these books and their full-color digitally rendered pages.

This is a series designed for all ages, so you won’t find blood, extreme violence, sex or swearing in it. Yes, there is some fighting, but nothing over-the-top violent. You won’t find fighting for the sake of fighting, either. There’s fighting, yes, but there’s a reason behind it and usually a few jokes to counter it and make it more fun and enjoyable.

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So, sit back, relax and enjoy the charm of the series. As you read the books to follow, you’ll find a few changes artistically, but still the same delightful and fun characters through it all.

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