Dream Angel #24!

Dream Angel #24! Hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, there’s some exciting news to go with the awesome cover… wanna hear it?

You sure?

Wait for it…

Wait for it……

You’re positive you want to know?

Okay, just teasing a little. This fabulous book is going to be released December 5th 2017! As some might know, in Dream Angel #23, we left our heroes in quite the situation as Dream Angel and some new friends battled to rescue her friends and family. This book is part of a group that feature several visiting characters from fellow creators.

A note for new readers is that it’s best to start from Dream Angel #1. Well, that’s certainly not bad news, fortunately. See, you’ll find collection books to help you catch up fast.

Okay, they’ll add up, but they’re worth it! For comic addicts (much like myself!) getting a whole bunch of books to read is always fun. Each of the books in the bulleted list goes to the corresponding shop page.

Okay, with Dream Angel #24 complete and soon to be released, what next? Dream Angel #25? Techwarrior #6? Well, since Dream Angel #24 was so long in production, Techwarrior needs some attention. As some might recall, even Techwarrior was left in a tight spot. His friend and colleague, Aishi Teruu (Ai for short) has been kidnapped by Cryptolock and Techwarrior’s been attacked by another that looks just like her!

So, the excitement continues as Techwarrior #6 is prepared for production and Dream Angel #24 gears up for release! Both of these fascinating all-ages friendly comic book series are worth enjoying. These engrossing stories feature photo realistic art that draws readers deep into the worlds of Dream Angel and Techwarrior.

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