Techwarrior #6 Saturday, April 7th!

Yep! It’s time for the long-awaited release of Techwarrior #6! This coming Saturday April 7th, we’ll be having a live event and an online event.

If you can get to the live event, you’ll get to meet the authors and artist, buy signed books and even get plush action figures of the characters right there. Quantities at the event will be limited, however.

As a special treat for that day only, signed Techwarrior #6 books

will be available here on the site in the shop, but if you can get to the event, you really should! So, from Noon to 2:30 P.M. at

Big Bang Comics

437 Broad St

Sewickley, PA

You’ll find the event in full swing!

On the Dream Angel side, Dream Angel #25 is in production and despite a week’s delay for an HDRI that needed rendering, it’s coming along beautifully because the HDRI now provides light and background to speed up the renders that go in the book.

You might also possibly have noticed that there’s new characters in the shop. Yep! Cryptolock, Infiltrator, Sensei and Aishi Teru have all joined Techwarrior in the shop as soft action figures!

As a creator, (if I may be permitted the personal reference) Sensei and Infiltrator are an amazingly good-looking pair of creatures. Both designed from scratch and both turned out absolutely amazing.

Adding to the weapons list will be Cryptolock’s whip. Made with a soft handle that has a magnet inside so he can “hold” it magnetically, it will feature a silvery braid for the actual whip.

Pictures will be appearing when it’s finished in the Facebook group everyone’s welcome to join: Dream Angel, Techwarrior and Hillbilly Hoot Comic Books! You’ll also find the online Facebook party event for Techwarrior #6 there! We’ll be partying here on the Active discussions page, too!

Dream Angel #24 released!

Dream Angel #24 is finally here! Years in pre-production and it’s finally here! This book is downright breathtaking artistically!

Well, now you don’t have to take my word for it! You’re able to get the book and decide for yourself just how beautiful it is!

Why’d it take years in pre-production? Well, see all those extra names on the cover credit? Those are fellow creators whose characters visit in this book! They also helped contribute to the story, so it took longer to write as a result.

Not only are we partying here in our own activity stream, but we’re celebrating in an all-day online event on Facebook! And, as a special treat, there’s a 25% off coupon available that’s good until Sunday, December 12th!! It can be used once per customer for 25% off your entire purchase. So, if you’ve been looking at getting those collection books and this new one, this is a good chance to grab them! The code is:


You’ll need to use a social media site to login to this site (this helps with security). Then, add the items you want to the cart from the shop (share them to social sites for an extra 10% off!!). Finally, put the coupon code in just as you see it here during the checkout process. There will be a box asking for coupons. Paypal handles all the credit/debit card information for added security.

Well, now that Dream Angel #24 is released, what’s next? That’s easy! It’s Techwarrior’s turn! Techwarrior #6 will soon be ready to enter production. The script is prepared. The plan book (which helps with rendering) needs to be completed. After that, the Comic Life file can be prepared and rendering can begin. So, keep your eyes peeled for Techwarrior #6! We’ll be seeing that one soon!

Dream Angel #24!

Dream Angel #24! Hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, there’s some exciting news to go with the awesome cover… wanna hear it?

You sure?

Wait for it…

Wait for it……

You’re positive you want to know?

Okay, just teasing a little. This fabulous book is going to be released December 5th 2017! As some might know, in Dream Angel #23, we left our heroes in quite the situation as Dream Angel and some new friends battled to rescue her friends and family. This book is part of a group that feature several visiting characters from fellow creators.

A note for new readers is that it’s best to start from Dream Angel #1. Well, that’s certainly not bad news, fortunately. See, you’ll find collection books to help you catch up fast.

Okay, they’ll add up, but they’re worth it! For comic addicts (much like myself!) getting a whole bunch of books to read is always fun. Each of the books in the bulleted list goes to the corresponding shop page.

Okay, with Dream Angel #24 complete and soon to be released, what next? Dream Angel #25? Techwarrior #6? Well, since Dream Angel #24 was so long in production, Techwarrior needs some attention. As some might recall, even Techwarrior was left in a tight spot. His friend and colleague, Aishi Teruu (Ai for short) has been kidnapped by Cryptolock and Techwarrior’s been attacked by another that looks just like her!

So, the excitement continues as Techwarrior #6 is prepared for production and Dream Angel #24 gears up for release! Both of these fascinating all-ages friendly comic book series are worth enjoying. These engrossing stories feature photo realistic art that draws readers deep into the worlds of Dream Angel and Techwarrior.

Techwarrior #5 released!

Techwarrior #5 released! Let’s start the party with the link to Techwarrior #5! To keep it company, here’s the link to Techwarrior #1-5 collection!

Hard to believe how amazing this book turned out. It’s just as amazing how quickly it could still be rendered. Undoubtedly, you’ll agree it’s a real eye-popper artistically and that the story’s quite a good one.

At this point, the idea of re-rendering Techwarrior #1-4 isn’t a bad one, but Dream Angel would benefit more from the updated art style. Techwarrior has consistent and good art to begin with. Dream Angel has gone through a number of artistic changes that would look much better updated to a consistent style. It’s also been pointed out there are some minor story anomalies that could be corrected along the way. So, Dream Angel is more likely to see new books in the photo realistic style.

Of course, today’s about Techwarrior. The book and the collection are quite an accomplishment. Response to scenes posted on Facebook have been amazing. This book, as I’ve said repeatedly, is phenomenal! Artistically, it’s a big leap forward and the story does a wonderful job of continuing where Techwarrior #4 left off.

With the new photo realistic art style, our villain CryptoLock looks creepier than ever. Don’t let that scare you away, though! It just adds to the awesomeness of the book by giving scenes with him in them just the right mood!

Haven’t read any Techwarrior? Go grab the collection book! It puts all 5 books together in one so it’s easy to binge-read this wonderful and quickly growing series. These books are all wonderful. You won’t be disappointed by how engrossing and exciting they are. With Techwarrior #5 released, we’ll be seeing more books soon. Whether it’s Techwarrior #6 or an updated edition of Dream Angel #1, we’ll have to wait and see.


Continued countdown to Techwarrior #5!

The continued countdown to Techwarrior #5 is an exciting one! Hard to believe this amazing new book and an accompanying 5 book collection will be released just the day after tomorrow!

We’re talking about knockout photo realistic art with an awesome story to go with it.

Okay, Techwarrior #1-4 don’t have the photo realistic look, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome. They still feature impressive custom lighting and the start to the awesome story. So, they’re worth enjoying anyway.
Once Techwarrior #5 is released, what next? Update Techwarrior #1-4? Truth be told, that hasn’t been formally decided yet. At this point, it’s a matter of seeing just how much of a reaction Techwarrior #5 gets and if you want #6, or to see #1-4 updated.

That means it’s entirely up to you what happens after this book release. The question will be what you want: #1-4 updated or #6. It’s a question best answered after Techwarrior #5 is released with its accompanying 5 book collection.

With the book released and votes counted, the next book in line will be the one fans choose. How fast it’s produced also depends on the chosen book. #1-4 have scenes already setup. With some mild adjusting, they could render quite quickly and be released rapidly, one after another. #6 has no scenes prepared because, well, let’s face it: it hasn’t started production!

Again, the choice is yours. What of Dream Angel, you might wonder. Progress is still slow, but it is still progress. This is why Techwarrior is now picking up the slack. Updating the Dream Angel books would take a good deal longer than the Techwarrior ones.

Dream Angel #2-6 were done in Poser and would need scenes totally rebuilt. Dream Angel #1 2nd edition has many scenes complete in DAZ Studio, but several were photoshop layered together and would need also to be rebuilt. Yet, while progress on the script for Dream Angel #24 on is slow, we might see some of these earlier books begin to appear in the photo realistic style.

It’s entirely up to you.

Countdown to Techwarrior #5!

The countdown to Techwarrior #5 has begun! With 9 days to go, this book looks amazing and in the Facebook release party event, voting is showing that an accompanying 5 book collection should be released as well.

This means it’ll be a double party for Techwarrior #5 to celebrate both.
For being the first book released in some time, this one looks to have a lot of anticipation, just from the few renders that have been shared on Facebook in the group.

If I may make a personal reference here: I’m glad those few renders that have been shared have been so eagerly received. I’m also impressed at being able to keep the page-a-day render routine I’ve had all along, despite each panel scene taking 2 hours to render. Seeing people excited about this new book for the improved quality of the rendering it wonderful.

Are you as excited about it as I am?

One thing that’s ended up real fascinating is a test render of the background for Techwarrior #5. Well, one of the backgrounds, anyway. The scene is simple enough. To share the secret of the scene, it’s Stonemason’s Level 19 with the Iray Uber base applied to it. After that, the Iray Emissive shader applied to the lights and turned up so it lights the scene nicely.

All stuff that came with DAZ Studio itself. No, I’m not dissing it or anything. Just saying sometimes, the simplest scenes can make a huge impression! This background sets off the mood of Techwarrior #5 very well, too. Gives an air of mystery to some of the scenes, making it more dramatic.

Okay, enough spoilers! You’ll have to wait for the book for more. All that’s left to say is that it’s most definitely worth the wait!

Watch out for more Techwarrior!

As you know, Techwarrior has been delayed for a good many months now for an assortment of reasons. Well, the wait will soon be over! Techwarrior #5 has started production and already the cover and first four pages are complete with beautiful results.

tehcwarriorDuring the delay, new things were learned. One that’s proven to be the most impressive lately is the ability to use Iray. Iray is a DAZ3D render engine that does photo realistic renders. Clearly, used properly, this render engine is extremely powerful. A simple test scene is still getting “liked” on Facebook!

There’s a cost to Iray, though. Each panel render takes 2 hours! This means, to get a 4 panel page done takes over 8 hours! Yet, the phenomenal reaction to this new style of rendering does make it quite worth it.

So, what about Techwarrior? When will we see it?

Techwarrior is going at a rate of about 3-4 panels a day, which is quite good. The chosen release date is March 13th, 2017. At the current rate of rendering, it should be done by then, even with time to spare for preparing it to be added to the shop. This means we’ll be having quite a party to celebrate the first book in several months.

What about Dream Angel? When will we see the next book?

Well, progress for Dream Angel is still pretty slow, but it is progress. Dream Angel #24 should soon be ready to begin production. The thought along that line is to get the series rendered to #30 and then possibly begin updating the earlier books. #2-6 used Poser, so those mean completely re-creating the scenes in DAZ for Iray. The hope is that in the meantime, Techwarrior #1-4 can be swiftly updated to Iray so they match #5, since they were all made with DAZ to begin with.

It’ll be a while before Dream Angel starts seeing books updated – unless a publisher expresses interest in seeing them updated – but Techwarrior might see updates first. In any case, the aging laptop that’s used to make these books is in desperate need of a replacement to keep up with Iray, because it requires a lot of power to do the renders.

So, are you looking forward to the new book? Think it’s worth the wait?

The finale of the triple release party!

Parties are fun, don’t you think? Well, now we’re seeing the finale of the triple release party. First, we saw Techwarrior #4 released on Saturday, then Hillbilly Hoot #1 on Sunday and today, Dream Angel #23 finishes out the trio.

What’s next? Well, that ought to be obvious by now: more books! More plush action figures! More goodies! I seem to have a never ending to-do list. Characters need to be made into plushes from the new patterns, new 3D techniques to learn, books to plan… Then there’s, dishes, laundry, vacuuming, cooking and mopping on top of it all!

So, we’ve made it through all three book releases. Is there any other news to impart? Why yes, there is. The soft weapons will soon be added to the shop with very large bold warnings that they’re most emphatically not for children 3 and under. Soft though they may be, they’re still small accessories! Rather than being for kids, these are better for older collectors more than to be played with. Things like the bow and crossbow do work, and do a nice job of sending the arrow and bolt flying across a room – which could hurt somebody. The pistol and dagger are quite small, too.

Now, older collectors and kids would enjoy these weapons because they’re magnetically attached to the doll’s hands. Characters like Larissa – who’s a police Lieutenant – would benefit from the gun belt made of faux leather, since it would help emphasize her law enforcement status. Reprobates would look more menacing holding a spear or sword. Being soft is simply a plus for these, since it should be harder to hurt someone with them.

So, thoughts?

What do you think of the new books? How about the triple party? Looking forward to seeing new plush characters and the weapons in the shop?

Special Honor Veteran’s Radio Broadcast

Special Honor Veteran’s Radio Broadcast in honor of this weekend’s triple release party! Tune in at Noon Pacific time for this special celebration of the triple release party!

Check it out embedded here:

Then check out the wonderful goodies and fun on this site! Come socialize on the activity page, share goodies from the shop for a 10% discount, and even do simple tasks here on the site for achievements that may include coupons and other fun goodies for download.

This is only day 2 of the delightful release party! We’ve had Techwarrior #4 released and an hour ago, Hillbilly Hoot #1 joined the ranks of books here. Tomorrow, we’ll finally see Dream Angel #23!

Don’t miss a minute of the excitement! Stick around and enjoy the fun!