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Specialty Characters - Firebelly Productions

Specialty Characters

Some of these are 3D Me characters – characters made from real people, that is – and some of these are characters friends asked me to re-create in 3D.

All of these are special. You’ll even find me among them. The me, that is, that appears in the comic books Alfred Hitchcock style. The characters (with the exception of the me that appears in the books) are technically not mine. They belong to the people they’re created from or re-created for.

The re-created characters sometimes visit the D.A.U., so it’s fitting they have profiles to help fans understand who they are and what series they really belong to. They might be heroes, they might be villains, they might simply be another face in the crowd. The idea here is to help you learn more about them and promote their creators’ work through their visiting.

The 3D Me characters are a little more specialized. These are made from real people – well, photos of real people, anyway. They’re fans of Dream Angel and just like the visitors, they might be heroes, they might be villains, they might simply be a face in the crowd. Still, just like their visiting counterparts, the idea here is to help you learn about them and maybe promote a little of what they do in real life.

So, ready to meet them? I warn you now, not all their profiles are up yet, since I need their help to write them. Let’s start with the 3D Me group:

  • Jennifer Rash (Me! Again, this is the me that appears in the books, so this profile is different from my author profile!)

Here’s the visitor group:

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