Action figure disclaimer

The common disclaimer is something that’s needed even here. As disappointing as it may sound, what you see may not be exactly what you get when you purchase the soft action figures. Fabrics are very much subject to availability and I may have to get something that’s similar to what’s pictured instead of exactly what’s pictured. So, yes, materials may vary and even colors may change slightly.

Also, I cannot be held responsible for any injuries. These figures, despite being soft, can cause harm. There are small parts, such as shoes.

It is possible that a seam may break and create small parts that can be choked on – to prevent this, ask me about double stitching or even tacking clothes on the figure until the child is old enough to not try to eat the smaller parts such as shoes. Safety precautions can be taken, but they need to be discussed at the time of purchase. 

Questions and concerns can be discussed through the contact page, the activity streams page, and even in the facebook group.

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