Everyone else

Everyone else is literally everyone else in the comic book stories. These are neither hero nor villain characters, but still important to the story line. So, who are they? Let’s explore:

More often than not, they get caught in the middle of the fighting, wind up helping in one way shape or form and sometimes even get themselves in trouble. Other times, they’ll be the cause of a great deal of trouble.

Cristiane is a leopardess with a crush on a tiger who’s uncertain of his love of a tigress – considerable trouble in that love triangle, wouldn’t you agree? Kumo is the clumsy jealous betrothed of Cristiane. Deirdra is a reporter that gets right in the middle of things at times, quite a bit of trouble there. Gina’s a high school bully that’s got a big mouth, a nasty attitude and a loud voice that cause all sorts of grief. Lauren is a mercenary with a sense of humor that causes plenty of trouble. Kiano’s job usually has him somewhere in the midst of the trouble: he’s a paramedic!

They might not take sides in the fighting, but they each have a connection to it somehow. Their respective profile pages go far more in-depth and even include a few surprises at times. So, if you’re out to learn more about these characters, this is just the place to do it! Everyone else who doesn’t take a side directly, but is still key to the story is given a profile in these pages. They’re all unique and all have a different perspective on the state of their world and what’s going on. In the end, they all wind up in the middle of things one way or another.

Sit back and enjoy the ride as you explore these characters in depth. They’re all very enjoyable characters.

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