Hanaji Camridon

Name: Hanaji Camridon

Age: 18

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 135 lbs

Body type: semi-athletic

Physical condition: fit

Eye color: blue grey

Hair color and style: black short cut with bangs and a slight curl

Skills, abilities and talents: 2nd captain of the Kendo club, single sword wielding, science

Areas of expertise: sword fighting

General personality type: friendly

Introvert/extrovert: introvert

IQ: 200

Temperament: sweet

Method of handling anger: Kendo practice

Admirable traits: sweet, cheerful, friendly

Pet peeves: rude jokes

Sense of humor: playful

Interests: science

Favorite outfit: simple shirt and pants

Favorite pet saying: There is no wealth but life.  ~John Ruskin

Philosophy of life: Human life is purely a matter of deciding what’s important to you. ~Anonymous

Home: apartment

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