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I just got the Nyxus doll. Fantstic work Jennifer. My jaw dropped when I pulled the doll out of the package. How…the HELL…did you do those WINGS on her? just terrific. Its not just a doll…it's a work of art.... Read More

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Love those great comics, and love my part in them. The personalized characters really bring a special touch. Even if people don't know it's me, I do. ;-) Love em!! 3D is the next big thing, and I love the look it gives the books. Should help connect it to the next generation. Fan and follower!... Read More
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  1. My review of Dream Angel #1.2
    The review —
    This is actually the Author’s remake of the first book in her Superhero 3D graphic novel series: Dream Angel. I chose to review this version instead of the original as this reflects her most recent work.

    I liked that this story started differently than many SuperHero/SuperHeroine books. Instead of starting with her origin story, we pick up with her just recently graduated from high school, and having been doing her adventures for 3 years. It begins with a major turning point in her career with the SuperVillain’s figuring out her secret identity and capturing her father. We get introduced to the major players pretty quickly leading into the rescue attempt.

    The 3D art style is new and rarely done in graphic novels, and the author here does a very good job of each character looking different and having their own voice. The story moves quickly to give the setup for the good and evil sides, although there are a few minor errors in the text here and there. It ends on a cliffhanger, making you very interested to see what happens in #2. The humor is pretty good, but not overused, more like quips, which for this genre, is completely appropriate. Most graphic novels these days are put together by a team, but this was all done by one person, which makes it more impressive. The only things keeping it from being a 5 are some minor plot holes in the conversations between characters. Nothing major or that pulls you out, but noticeable upon multiple read-throughs. For anyone who loves the Superheroine and/or Magical girl Genre, I

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