Jerigel SwampFang

Name: Jerigel SwampFang




Body type: insect

Physical condition:

Eye color: black, compound

Power: vampire, third bite transforms victim into giant cockroach

Distinguishing features: feathery antennae

Skills, abilities and talents:

Areas of expertise:

General personality type: loves a challenge

Introvert/extrovert: extrovert

Method of handling anger: bite

Pet peeves: whining, annoying noises, elusive prey

Fears: spiders

Home: Keres Castle

His third bite changes the victim into a cockroach that’s also a vampire. All they retain of their humanity is their height. Free will and physical appearance are gone and nobody knows of a cure.

He speaks using mirror speech, and only a few can understand him, so he frequently chooses to speak through his victims.


Name: common cockroach

Power: vampire

Origin: victim of Jerigel SwampFang’s third bite

Height: original height of the victim

These poor creatures can still use normal speech, but have no will of their own unless Jerigel allows it. He often uses one of these victims to make himself understood as he speaks only in mirror speech.

Roaches are hard to kill normally, adding the power of a vampire makes them next to impossible to kill. One of the few things they’re absolutely terrified of is spiders. Particularly large species such as Bitsy are especially dangerous to these vampires. Although the spider isn’t aggressive toward humans or cat-people, it is aggressive toward these roaches and quite deadly. Knowing this, the roaches will panic and be uncontrollable even for Jerigel himself.

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