Fan art

As an artist should be, I’m always deeply honored by fan art. Regardless of how good you might think the art is, it’s always good to honor an artist and show them you care about their hard work. Okay, copying someone else’s work isn’t necessarily a good thing, but showing how much you like the artist’s work is. So, don’t be shy about your fan art. Use the contact form to send it to me, show me a site page to embed, doesn’t matter. I’ll proudly display it with full credit here on this page.

DreamAngel by Skiddmarx on DeviantArt

Dream Angel by cupcakedoll on DeviantArt

Catriline And Cats by cupcakedoll on DeviantArt

Teikou no Senshi by cupcakedoll on DeviantArt


I’m proud and very deeply honored to display fan art.

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