Name: Ker

Meaning of name: Destruction

Age: over 1,000

Height: 5′ 6″

Weight: 122 lbs

Body type: sexy

Physical condition: fit

Eye color: Hyacinth purple

Hair color and style: long, golden blond, single plait on right side in front of ear

Power: explosions

Distinguishing features: black and purple dress with slits on both sides and standing collar

Skills, abilities and talents: demolition

Areas of expertise: destruction

General personality type: easily aggrivated

Introvert/extrovert: extrovert

Quirks: vain

Eccentricities: nonconforming

IQ: 150

Temperament: domineering

Method of handling anger: explode

Admirable traits: creative, thoughtful, suspicious

Negative traits: impulsive

Bad habits: interrupts people talking

Pet peeves: anything that hurts her vanity

Things that embarrass: being proven wrong

Sense of humor: none

Fears: insects

Interests: destruction

Favorite pastime: blowing stuff up, reading

Clothing style/favorite outfit: black and purple dress, standing collar, double slit skirt

Favorite pet saying: Better to dig one deep grave than 10 shallow ones. (she modified it from “Better to dig one deep well than 10 shallow ones.” Indian Proverb)

Philosophy of life: Life is simple, it’s just not easy. -Unknown

Home: Keres Castle

Ker’s definitely not the friendliest of the Keres and she’s definitely got the shortest temper. She and Kaida are usually at odds since she knows he’s clumsy and he knows she’s vain. Ker will start reciting all the words Kaida hates hoping to get him mad, but growing up with those words, she finds it a difficult task. On the other hand, all he has to do is insult her beauty.

The one to set her temper off the fastest would be Teikou no Senshi. The verbal jabs of the younger girl could cause her to destroy about 5 square miles with her temper’s explosion. Combined with Kaida’s own jabs at her beauty and quite a bit more could be blown up in one burst of temper.

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