Characters of Dream Angel

Characters can be hard to keep track of, and finding your favorite might be tricky if you don’t know names. I’ve done my best to organize them into easy-to-understand categories. These categories include:

In the Hero alter egos group:

In the Heroes group:

In the Hero allies group:

In the Villains group:

In the Villain allies group:

In the Everybody else group:

In the specialty characters group:

Fan hero characters group:

  • Oriel and George

Special fan characters group:

Visiting hero characters group:

Visiting villain characters group:

Do remember that the specialty characters are either real people or characters visiting the Dream Angel Universe with the permission of their creators. These special characters are not mine (with the exception of the one that is me, that is!)

Hopefully, this will help avoid confusion, but if you still have questions or problems finding the character you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to use the contact form that is available or the comments on this page.

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