Favorite sources for 3D content

These are favorite sources for 3D content because like any newcomer to 3D, creating content myself is a big challenge, so finding sources for things I want is a must. Now, don’t think I always go looking for pre-made stuff. If I’ve got something very particular in mind, I’ll attempt to make it myself, especially if I can’t find anything close on these favorite source sites.

Most of these have both paid and freebie content, but watch out for the file format! To help with this, I’ve dug up a nice online file converter, but it doesn’t like .MAX and .MB file formats, which are native only to 3DStudio Max and Maya and only those programs can read and convert them.

It’s easy enough to sign up for these sites and those that need it, have free accounts available. This is quite a list of favorite sources for 3D content. You’ll find that since I use DAZ Studio, most of it is focused on DAZ and Poser.

Explore this site and you’ll find plenty of books that show how I use the 3D content in my library. The shop features the two comic book series Dream Angel and Techwarrior, which have (to date) 25 and 6 books respectively. Take a look around! There’s awesome stuff right here, too!

This is going to be an ever-expanding and updating list of sources for 3D content, so if you find one of these sites doesn’t exist anymore, don’t hesitate to let me know! This list of favorite 3D sources is full of sites I visit frequently, but it doesn’t mean I visit them all when I’m looking for something.

Ready for the list? Here it is:

  1. http://www.greentoken.de/onlineconv/?step=3&outfmt=obj
    This is a nice online converter for just about any 3D file format, but as I mentioned before, the .MAX and .MB file formats are for 3DS Max and Maya only and only those programs can convert them. So, for the sites where file format might be a problem, have this ready to make things compatible.
  2. http://www.3dtransform.com/This is a nice alternate converter for helping make files compatible.
  3. https://www.daz3d.com/ This one’s a given since it’s also where the program I use most came from. Now, while DAZ Studio is a freebie, it’s certainly not a worthless one. It offers a great deal of flexibility and versatility. Not forgetting a huge shop of content, but it frequently has a lot of freebies once you get the starter freebies. Personally, I keep an eye on this one daily for freebies and assorted sales I can utilize when I’m able. Watch it closely enough and you can get a lot of stuff either free or very cheap! Not forgetting Bryce and Hexagon are also quite excellent at what they do respectively. When I model stuff myself (and I do put in the effort to learn new techniques usually) Hexagon’s become my favorite. A nearly unbeatable source for 3D content.
  4. Snatched from the DAZ forums, a very long list (some I haven’t explored yet!) of sites with freebies.
  5. Wilmap’s Digital Creations (clothes for Genesis and Genesis 2 mainly)
  6. AdamThwaites Site
  7. Post about all sites on Francemi.net
  8. http://www.lynescreations.com/lynesfree.htm Lyne’s Creations Freebies
  9. http://www.sharecg.com – Okay… so everyone knows this one
  10. Get 3D Models at Renderosity – yup… everyone knows this one too (and probably the next 4 or 5 too!)(this one’s an affiliate link, so if you can, please buy something!)
  11. http://www.runtimedna.com/forum/downloads.php – Runtime DNA large variety of Poser / DS freebies. Also check out their Zero price items in the store.
  12. http://www.poserclub.net/index.php/freebee – Poserclub Japanese site with a large variety of Poser / DS items
  13. http://www.artraiders.com/download.php – Artraiders has a wide variety of Poser / DS related items
  14. http://trekkiegrrrl.dk/main.htm – Trekkiegrrrl offers a large variety of Poser / DS items
  15. http://www1.freewebs.com/mapps/ – Mapps site offers a a large variety of Poser / DS items from clothing to props to textures.
  16. http://www.morphography.uk.vu/ – English Bob’s site offers a variety of props, clothes, and other items as well as other Poser resources.
  17. http://www.philc.net/freestuff_archive.php – PhilC’s site has a large collection of Poser clothes & props as well as a featured limited edition item.
  18. http://lab108.x0.com/lab108/ – Lab108 offers a large collection of modern day mundane but essential props.
  19. http://www001.upp.so-net.ne.jp/ruten-ryojo/poser/download.html – Ruten’s site offers a small but nice collection of clothing and props
  20. http://www.shar3d.com/ – Shar3d (not to be confused with ShareCG) variety of older poser freebies
  21. http://www.planit3d.com/source/poser/poser.html – PlanIt 3d here you can find number of older Poser props, figures, and clothing.
  22. http://allenart.yolasite.com/poserfree.php – Allen Art has a small collection of Poser props, dynamic clothes, and other items.
  23. http://toucan.web.infoseek.co.jp/3DCG/3ds/FishModelsE.html – Fish, flowers and a few insects, in bundled zips
  24. http://ext3ndstudio.wix.com/extend3d – all sorts of freebies here
  25. https://www.zeddicuss3d.com/product-category/free-content/    Free Poses and suchThemed PROPS:
  26. http://www.ontarget3d.com/site/Category/57-poser-freestuff.aspx – Ontarget 3d has a great collection of modern and scifi military freebies for Poser / DS
  27. http://www.porsimo.net/3d/meshes.htm – Porsimo’s site offers a number of amazing military props both historical and scifi
  28. http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/freestuff.asp?StartNo=147
  29. http://www.sparkyworld.co.uk/3down.htm – Vanishing Point and Sparkyworld offer a very extensive collection of Scifi and modern Poser / DS items. Many of their items overlap.
  30. http://www.andi3d.co.uk/free_downloads.php?type=3&sort=1&dl_count=5&osCsid=84ab6dd18e91f6bf208c2488b9929c02 – Andi3d has an impressive collection of gothic as well as gritty modern Poser props and architecture.
  31. http://dreampaint.perso.sfr.fr/poser1.html – Dreampaint has an amazing collection of fantasy / scifi items for Poser / DS
  32. http://lab108.x0.com/lab108/ – Lab108 offers a large collection of modern day mundane but essential props.
  33. http://nessrepros.co.uk/index.php – Ness Period Reproductions offers a beautiful collection of Victorian props and items. Please note that this link doesn’t work properly at the moment. Nessrepros is best accessed directly from a search engine
  34. http://www.ageofarmour.com/3d/free/index.php – Age of Armour offers a small collection of very nice Poser / DS and Carrara props and shaders.
  35. http://www.colacola.se/map_1.htm – Anders Lejczak’s site has some nice military and scifi downloads mixed in with his amazing aerial renders.
  36. http://edogoyomi.art.coocan.jp/projects/ – Edo project – an impressive collection of historical Japanese architecture (an entire town actually) and variety of props in Poser & .obj format (in Japanese)
  37. http://www.wg3d.com/downloadsx.html – wg3d site has a page full of classic antique props for Poser / DS
  38. http://www.dragonspace.com/3d/ – Chris Cox offers a selection of clothing and props and a number of Logan’s Run freebies.
  39. http://mochi.s86.xrea.com/index02.html – Collection of modern and classic Japanese props and Poser items
  40. http://www.tonylynchdesigns.com/ – Tony Lynch’s site (wood furnishing and toys)
  41. http://www.zme.me.uk/ – Ziggies Model Emporium (variety of toon / medical props)
  42. http://www.fantasy3d.com/pfiles/thumbs.cgi?characters – collection of older scifi and fantasy figures and props
  43. http://www.3dlapidary.com/Index.htm Gemstones and things (Mostly in DXF format only)Themed Figures / Clothing / Characters
  44. http://www.optitex-dynamiccloth.com/FreebieDownload01.php – Optitex offers the only collection of free dynamic clothing for DAZ Studio.
  45. http://www.philc.net/freestuff_archive.php – PhilC’s site has a large collection of Poser clothes & props as well as a featured limited edition item.
  46. http://blog.goo.ne.jp/mamomamo_2007/m/201205
  47. http://mamomamo.candypop.jp/Freestuff/index.html – Mamomamo’s Blog and Archive have a nice collection of clothes for the Poser women and a few props as well.
  48. http://sanzisannzi.blog83.fc2.com/blog-entry-172.html – Sanzi san’s blog (variety of props and figures)
  49. http://blueplum.sakura.ne.jp/sazanami/top.htm – this site has a wonderful collection of clothing items and props
  50. http://www.evilinnocence.com/free-stuff.html – Evilinnocence has a large collection of free clothing for the Poser women as well as other items. The Crossdresser program is also free as are some licenses, but you will need purchased licenses for most of the major Poser figures.
  51. http://www.bice.de/poser/ – Bice’s site has a nice collection of Poser / DS props, characters, and 2d resources.
  52. http://www.daybreak-studio.net/downloads.html – Daybreak Studio offers a collection of A3 and V4 clothes as well as some Poser/DS props.
  53. http://www.digitalmeanderings.com/downloads/downloads.htm – Digital Meanderings has a variety of clothes and props
  54. http://mystic-nights.com/poser/freebie-showcase/Apollo_Maximus/index.html – Mystic Nights site is devoted to Apollo Maximus related freebies
  55. http://www.antonkisieldesigns.com/~akfiles/htmlpages/ApolloMaximusFree3dhumanfigure.htm – Anton Kisiel’s Apollo Maximus figure can be found here with clothing sets and morphs.
  56. http://www.sixus1.com/freebies-1.html – Sixus1 site offers a generously large number of original Poser figures
  57. http://futilefantasycreations.co.uk/aiko3textures.htm – collection of A3 related items
    Non Poser format sites (most have .obj formats that can be imported or others that can be converted with PoseRay – see link below):
  58. https://sites.google.com/site/poseray/ – PoseRay is a free application which will allow one to, among other things, convert several different file types (including .3ds and .lwo) to .obj format to be usable in DAZ Studio / Poser
  59. http://www.3dchaya.com/download_mdl/index.htm – 3d Chaya excellent collection of historical Japanese props in .obj and other formats.
  60. http://www.3dm3.com/modelsbank/ – 3DM3.com large variety of free models in .3ds format
  61. http://3drivers.com/ – 3D Rivers variety of free models in .obj and other formats – limited time offers.
  62. http://www.3dheaven.net/start.htm – 3d Heaven variety of scifi / real world vehicles in .3ds format
  63. http://www.scifi3d.com/rsearch.asp – SciFi 3d nice source of scifi movie models but mostly in .max, .lwo, .3ds format
  64. http://www.3dmodelfree.com/ – an enormous collection of props mostly in .max, .lwo, and .3ds format
  65. http://www.free3dcontent.net/modules/wfdownloads/ -Free3dcontent – Network of independent content creators
  66. http://www.krown-products.net/meshworks/modules/wfdownloads/ -MeshWorks Freebies – Home of the KPL Originals
  67. Back to my list of favorite sources for 3D content (There may be repeats!)
    https://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/Another well-loved favorite source for 3D content. A favorite among the freebies is a chibi figure called “Lolo Hai.” To go with this, I modeled a chibi horse. Anyone who’s read my comic books knows I like to use chibi characters for humorous emphasis and Lolo Hai is just right for the part. Naturally, a chibi horse to play the part of the companion characters of Daybright, Firebright and George was needed.
  68. https://www.sharecg.com/b/5/3DModelsThis one is definitely among the favorite sources for 3D content, but watch out for the usage rights and file formats.
    Like just about any artist, I’ve done my share of fan art. This is a wonderful source for “cosplay” stuff for 3D models. Myself, I use fan art for practice and testing. Exploring new techniques with characters I’ve seen used effectively in similar situations helps me to see just how well the new technique is working for me. If I’m exploring lighting, for example, I can practice with someone like Batman and then replace him with one of my own once I’m satisfied with the result.
    As sources for 3D content go, this one’s excellent.
  69. http://animium.com/A recent discovery and one that either needs the online converter or simply to watch file format, but also important if you don’t want to pay for a higher level of membership, you have to watch out for the “bronze” etc. level models.
  70. https://3dexport.com/free-3d-models/Plenty of good freebies, but watch out for the file format again.
  71. http://forender.com/Some interesting freebies and a good amount of “cosplay” type stuff.
  72. https://www.vishopper.com/Sometimes to speed up a render, 2D is more effective. Personally, I’ve been known to use a plane with a transparency map with background objects that still need to cast a shadow. There’s some nice 2D stuff on this site that would serve well in that capacity.
  73. https://free3d.com/3d-models/allThere’s a lot of good freebie models on this site. Careful of file format!


Some fabulous models here, but sometimes the prices get crazy. The freebies are good, though. Another to watch the file format on, of course. As sources for 3D content go, it’s definitely one of the best.

  1. https://cgelves.com/freebies-contests-giveaways-cg-elves-free-downloads/They mention Poser and DAZ freebies, though it’s apparent the focus is on Marvelous Designer. While I’ve used (sadly, a trial) of Marvelous Designer, I found it was quite expensive and at times, frustrating to figure out. Yet, it’s still among the sources for 3D content.
  2. https://poserdazfreebies.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_PageYou know how in school they tell you not to use Wikipedia as a resource for essays? This isn’t one of those times! This source leads to a lot of freebies! It’s one of the best favorite sources for 3D content around especially as a starting place to look for things.