Name: Gina SweetFace

Age: 16

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 230 lbs

Body type: pear

Physical condition: unfit

Eye color: gunmetal

Hair color and style: roach, pulled back in a low ponytail

Distinguishing features: always wears an outfit with fighting prints

Skills, abilities and talents: bullying others

Areas of expertise: bullying others

General personality type: rude, bossy, “expertitis,” manipulative

Introvert/extrovert: extrovert

IQ: 105

Temperament: bad

Method of handling anger: yell, scream, punch things, throw things

Admirable traits: punctual

Negative traits: bossy

Bad habits: picks fights, shouts at others

Pet peeves: glasses

Things that embarrass: being reminded she can’t graduate from her father’s high school

Sense of humor: anything she finds funny at the expense of others

Fears: insects

Interests: bullying

Favorite pastime: picking on others

Favorite outfit: flowery tank top, plaid skirt

Favorite pet saying: No dorks allowed!

Philosophy of life: Intelligence is overrated!

Home: large house

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