If you love villains, you’ve come to the right place. All the villains of Dream Angel’s universe are right here. None of them are to be trifled with, and certainly it’s unwise to upset any of them, as well. Who are they? Well, let’s answer that now.

Each of these has a special ability of some sort and is most certainly deadly. Dream Angel or any of her friends wouldn’t want to meet any of these on a bad day, but the trouble is, it’s usually a bad day for any of them. So, from gasses to explosions, these villains are the most dangerous on the planet. To make matters worse, they rule the planet!

Most people agree it’s wiser just to let them be and not oppose them. There are a brave few who would prefer they be removed from power, but they don’t feel they have the strength to do the job. Of course, Dream Angel and her friends often find themselves demonized for their open opposition.

These villains are known for poaching, polluting, habitat destruction, among other sorts of environmental destruction. Left unhindered, they would easily destroy the planet and have come close a number of times only to be narrowly stopped by Dream Angel and her friends.

The trouble with being stopped by Dream Angel and her friends is that they become more and more hated by people who would rather leave things alone and not stir up trouble. As a result, the heroes often find themselves becoming target practice for anyone with a gun who actually likes Nyxus.

Nyxus controls the gangs, drug trades, media and wealth of the planet, which makes her hard to oppose openly. Usually, it’s the leaders of those groups, under Nyxus’s direction, who demonize and shoot at Dream Angel and her friends.

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