Aishi Teru



Lovely beauty

Aishi Teru (Ai, for short) is 11″ tall and a fascinating beauty. Almost as strong as Techwarrior himself, her tomboyish nature helps keep him in line.

Pretty softie

This beautiful softie sports knit shoes, pleather (fake leather) leg guards, arm guards, belt and body armor and a liquid lame’ iridescent bodysuit.

Aishi Teru has a pretty soft sculpted face with hand painted details, embroidery cotton hair, a sealed wire armature and optional magnetic hands. She stands 11″ tall and is gently hand washable.

Strong tomboy

This bold beauty wields a spear and sword quite effectively, but she has one key weakness: she’s terrified of snakes. A fact Cryptolock exploits very effectively.

Her fear is the result of a childhood trauma involving snakes that drove her to train hard in an effort to control the fear. Becoming Techwarrior’s partner and assistant as a result of her hard work. As a friend, she’s helped him out of tough spots as often as he helps her. The two are normally inseparable.

“I hate snakes!”

With Cryptolock’s attacks often come snakes, leaving Aishi Teru wanting to strangle the villain, but too afraid to get close enough. To compensate, she’ll playfully tease Techwarrior for the banter he exchanges with the villain enough that the two will start fighting and the snakes might be drawn to the battle.

Also with Cryptolock’s attacks come spiders, but despite their size, she’s not the least afraid of them and will sometimes send them flying at Cryptolock, interrupting the fighting long enough to give Techwarrior the upper hand and sometimes help him win the fight.

  • Body made with a pattern from¬†Prairie Crocus Studio
  • international shipping is available by request
  • All new materials used.
  • Colors and fabrics may vary.
  • Magnetic hands to hold accessories optional. This option is not recommended for children under the age of 5.

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