Kumo Hanahadashii

Name: Kumo Hanahadashii

Meaning: Blur extreme

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 180lbs

Body type: Muscular

Physical condition: Fit

Eye color: Golden brown

Hair color and style: Light brownish blond, messy

Distinguishing features: leopard fur, feline ears, tail, teeth, eyes.

Skills, abilities and talents: Decently skilled at archery

Method of handling anger: Yell and attack

Pet peeves: Seeing Cristiane chasing Virgo instead of him

Things that embarrass: Seeing Cristiane chasing Virgo instead of him

Home: Sunless Mountains

He’s Cristiane’s betrothed, but she’s not the least interested in marrying him. She wants Virgo, but since Virgo’s a tiger, she can’t have him – not that it stops her. The problem for Kumo is that he wants to marry Cristiane in the worst way and tries to prove himself with often disastrous results because of his clumsiness. It’s not that he’s intentionally clumsy, it’s more that he’s so love-struck that he doesn’t pay attention to anything except Cristiane.