Kiano Tadelesh

Seldom will there be a more passionate, caring paramedic be found than Kiano Tadelesh. His name is African meaning “Tools of the Wizard” and “Lucky.” A touch of irony considering his job, but he’s a wonderful paramedic. Kiano’s among those on South Bartin City who believe Dream Angel is trying to improve things by removing Nyxus. If he’s around Dream Angel when she starts doubting herself, he manages to encourage her to stay strong. He understands a lot of her feelings of self-doubt and as such is able to relate to the young girl quite well. He’s a gentle charmer that’s able to sooth even the most panicky of patients. Even if he’s not on duty, he’s usually found in the middle of some crisis trying to be of help. Like so many others, he fears the consequences of openly opposing Nyxus.

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