Name: Anaplkete

Meaning of name: Quick, painful death

Birthday: January 12

Age: over 1,000

Height: 5′ 51/2″

Weight: 122 lbs.

Body type: lean

Physical condition: fit

Eye color: fox brown

Hair color and style: long, wavy/curly, jet-black

Distinguishing features: Spaghetti strap bra-type red top, red skirt with a slit up one side, red heels

Skills, abilities and talents: highly fast and agile, delights in causing pain

General personality type: devious

Introvert/extrovert: extrovert

Quirks: wears wild or unconventional clothing

Eccentricities: manic intelligence

IQ: 200

Temperament: flirtatious

Method of handling anger: This is one you don’t want mad, period. She’ll slice and dice you in so many ways with her twin hatchet-sized glaives you won’t even have time to say, “ow” before you fall apart dead. On the other hand, the madder she gets, the longer she’ll take killing her victim, delighting in the screams of pain

Admirable traits: punctuality

Negative traits: sharp tongue, hot temper, manipulative

Sense of humor: dirty and rare

Fears: rejection

Hobbies/favorite pastime: torture

Favorite pet sayings: “The only safe course for the defeated is to expect no safety.” Virgil 70-19 B.C. Aeneid 

Speaking style: casual

Philosophy of life: He that dies pays all debts. William Shakespeare 1564-1616 The tempest (1611)

Home: Keres Castle

Anaplkete’s got a quick temper and faster blades. Unfortunately for our heroes, she relies on intelligence and strength instead of speed. Her shape shifting causes more confusion among the heroes than anything as she often chooses to take the shape of one of the heroes and cause mistrust and misunderstanding. She’s an expert in deception as well as armed and unarmed combat.

She’s a viscous fighter and is often trouble for both Red and Blue Nite Soldier, sometimes at the same time. She’s very capable of double wielding just about any available weapons and causing a lot of trouble. Dream Angel and the other girls have a tremendous amount of trouble with her if she steps in to fight them.

None of the heroes wants her for an opponent and she’s wounded several of them more than once. Luckily, she hasn’t yet come close to killing anyone, but not for the lack of trying.

One ability she very rarely uses is the ability to temporarily drain the life force of another. The primary reason for her not using this is that it not only leaves her victim physically drained, but when the drain wears off for her, she too, is left physically drained. Aside from that, the drain requires physical contact for several seconds and victims sometimes manage to escape before it’s complete. When that happens, she’s left drained and vulnerable for a couple minutes, opening the opportunity for her opponent to defeat her.

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