Action figure FAQ

I’m not a parent, but I have some idea of what sort of questions parents might ask about these soft figures of mine. I’ll try to address as many concerns as possible, but if I miss something, please, don’t hesitate to use the contact page, activity or even the comments on this page to ask – just keep it polite, please. I always say, “The only stupid question is the one left unasked.” So, on to the FAQ!

  1. How big are these action figures?
    They are 8″ for child characters such as Keru, 11″ for female characters such as Dream Angel, 12″ for male characters such as Blue Nite Soldier and sizes are noted for the non-human types on their shop pages.

  2. You mention magnets in the hands of the figures and weapons, are those safe for kids?
    The packages for the magnets themselves say they’re not safe for children, but take into account that’s for the magnets by themselves. Inside the figures, they enable them to hold the accessories and couldn’t possibly be swallowed, as the magnet packages warn against. Still, I’d recommend the magnetic figures and accessories for children 5 and up, to be safe.
  3. What are they made of, it doesn’t look like plastic?
    That’s because it’s not plastic. Not unless you count pleather as a plastic in some cases. These are all cloth, very soft action figures.

  4. Do you have tracking on packages?
    Yes. Within the continental U.S., if I’m not mistaken. I use USPS flat-rate packages so shipping is a fixed amount. Once a package is shipped, I will be able to send you the tracking number by email, and even update the order status here in the store to show you that number. All you would then need to do is go to and put in the number to find out where your package is and get their estimates on its arrival.
    The second reason for preferring flat-rate is the $50 insurance included. This assures that if the package is lost, it can be replaced.

  5. Do you have international shipping?
    YES!! As long as USPS delivers where you are. For international, I’ve setup a choice, as well. Flat-rate and first class. I’ve learned flat-rate sometimes has customs charges, and first class can be faster than flat-rate. While I’m not sure this holds true for all countries, the options at least exist.

  6. Does international shipping have tracking?
    Unless the package is a medium box or bigger, no.

  7. What about customs charges?
    I’m aware that some countries would have customs charges upon the arrival of a flat rate package. I don’t know exactly which ones, sorry to say, but I can’t be held responsible for those charges.

  8. Do you have another option for international shipping?
    Thankfully, yes. There is another way besides flat-rate a package can be shipped internationally, and happily it seems to take a little bit less time. First Class has been made available. No, there isn’t any tracking on it once it leaves the U.S., but (and I’m not sure this applies in all countries) there don’t seem to be any customs charges.

  9. How long does the package take to arrive?
    Within the continental United States, (thus far) 3-4 days. Internationally, 1-2 weeks.

  10. I want _____ by______. When should I order?
    Sooner is better than later. Please remember that these characters and things take time to make and time to ship. Once it’s shipped, I can’t be held responsible if it arrives late.

  11. Do you have other shipping options besides USPS?
    Technically, yes, but with the way the store is coded, they’re in beta and could potentially be unreliable. They could undercharge, overcharge or simply not work. Rather than risk that, I stick to USPS.

  12. Do you accept other payment methods besides PayPal?
    I’d say it depends on what other payment methods you have in mind. PayPal is quite versatile. They accept all major credit cards and handle all the numbers and security – I never see a thing from that end. All I get is what you order, name, address and email. If you’re thinking cash payment or something else aside from PayPal, yes, you could discuss it with me. Simply use the
     contact page and ask about alternate payment methods. I like to stay flexible on such things.

  13. Are your action figures safe for children under 3?
    That’s a tough one. To be truthful, I’d have to say in general, no. If you ask for extra precautions for a child under 3, that’s a different story. Extra precautions would include double-stitched seams. Just note that it will take extra time for me to make them.

  14. Will your action figures fall apart?
    Well, I
     am only human and while I make them as strong as possible to start, it is possible for thread to break or fabric to rip. I try to fix them so it would take some serious abuse for that to happen, though. I’m not perfect and neither is my work. Things can break, I just do my very best to prevent that from happening.

  15. _________ has a broken seam, can you help me fix it?
    Yes, I can! I can walk you through the basics of closing a seam. In general, your average grocery store has a simple little sewing kit with pre-threaded needles. On the
     repair page, I walk you through step by step how to close a seam using the ladder stitch and a very firm knot.

  16. Do you have a return/refund policy?
    I cannot do returns or refunds. You should note that once an item is purchased, the money is then used to purchase the supplies for making it, and later shipping it with only a small profit left over. I do what I can to make the experience of purchasing and caring for the items in my store as painless as possible, but as I am very small returns and refunds are simply not possible.

  17. I have a coupon, how do those work?
    Coupons are generally a certain percentage off the full purchase amount. This means if you have a coupon for 25% off, the store automatically takes 25% off the whole purchase at the time of purchase as long as you enter the code.
    On the shopping cart page, will be a red link that reads “Have a coupon code?” Click that to get this box. Put your code in
     exactly as you got it or it won’t work and click apply.

  18. Do coupons apply toward shipping?
    Sadly, no coupons don’t apply toward shipping.

  19. I can’t find  ______. Where is it?
    Don’t be embarrassed by this question. It’s common and not the least surprising. It’s also a fair and honest question. In the left sidebar, there’s a products drop down menu with the product categories. If you can’t find what you want by category, there is a search feature in that same side bar. If you still can’t find it, ask on the activity streams page, use the contact page or even join my group on facebook to ask.

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